Venlafaxine is a drug that is categorized as one of the most widely used antidepressant therapies inthe world. Medical analysis have shown that the mode at which the drug operates is based on avery simple yet very effective process.  This involves the balancing of brain chemicals which medical analysis have shown that onthe event of depression they are unbalanced to a hugedegree. Venlafaxine can be categorized also in the SSNRIs type of drugs otherwise known by practitioners in health as the selective serotonin and norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitors. The conventional use of the drug as we have quite rightly noted is restricted to the treatment of depression all be it can also be effective in doing away with issues of anxiety and panic.

The wide application of the drug and the continuing recognition that is indeed effective has pushed many people to it others even beyond the limits. The reality about Venlafaxine even ifit is a very effective antidepressant remedy is that, it is a very strong drug and should be taken with moderation and caution. One thing that you should be advised when you begin treatment using the drug is that, you have no choice but to seek the prescription of a qualified health practitioner or expert. Furthermore, you are also advised to always ensure that you are notallergic to the drug as this can also have very regrettable consequences. Here is the best resource online about Venlafaxine side effects. The treatment of depression with the drug normally takes a period of 12 weeks and during this period; the effectiveness of the drug will also be determined by external factors that many of us should be aware of. To start with the issue of taking prescription from a qualified doctor orpharmacist is just inevitable and cannot be emphasized further than this.

The patient should be observed very keenly to ensure that all changes in mood are reported and during the entire period of medication the consultancy and touch of the doctor is highly recommended. Patients with previous history of disease such as epilepsy, high blood pressure or even high cholesterol may not be fit for the basic dose of the drug and the best thing here is to seek alternatives from an expert in the field of health.  Although there are special conditions where Venlafaxine can be used for pregnant mothers, itis also very important to underscore the fact that sometimes this may prove to be very tricky and this is because there is a very huge chance that the drug can have very severe health repercussions on the unborn child and further on after birth since the drug can contaminate breast milk. Venlafaxine withdrawal is one of the more serious side effects of Venlafaxine.

Pregnant mothers or those wishing to get babies during the period of the medication should consult their doctors to be advised accordingly and in most cases this will include either postponing the pregnancy incase of those planning to get babies or postponing the treatment for those who are pregnant.  However, early stages of pregnancy may reduce the
risk to some degree although not considerably as such.

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